Duties of a Doorman

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  • Offer warm greetings and attention to customers and guests.
  • They also handle luggage, deliver food, receive packages, manage crowds, etc.
  • Take care of unexpected issues and run errands.

There’s a chance that you have watched a television show or movie that features a doorman staked outside at a fancy hotel. Or perhaps you have encountered a doorman at a large office or apartment building. Maybe you have always thought that a doorman’s responsibilities were just that, opening and closing the doors for guests or customers.

A doorman’s duties and responsibilities typically vary depending on the type of building where they work. So, of course, it makes sense that a hotel’s doorman responsibilities would be different than those of a nightclub. For example, some doorman duties include carrying guests’ bags, delivering food, or receiving packages.

However, no matter where they work, there are many advantages to having a doorman for your business and family.

What Are the Duties of a Doorman?

A doorman’s responsibilities cover a wide range of tasks that aid in making guests’ or residents’ experiences more enjoyable and seamless. They are the first person an individual sees when they enter the building, so a doorman must convey a sense of trust and security. Some other doorman duties and responsibilities include those below.

Opening Doors for All Guests and Residents

While opening the doors to the building, hotel, or residence is one of the primary doorman duties, there is a little more to it than that. Depending on the building, they may also have to answer an intercom or open gates when people arrive.

A doorman also may have to call the residents of the building to ensure certain guests are allowed to enter their apartment. Then it may be part of their duties to ring the guests in or call an elevator for them.

Handling the Guests’ and Residents’ Luggage

Another of a doorman’s responsibilities is to ensure each guest or resident is taken care of. This service includes handling their luggage or bags by carrying them to the appropriate location. For example, if they work at a hotel, a doorman may remove guests’ luggage from the car and bring their bags to their room.

When it is time to check out, a doorman may bring the guests’ luggage down and carry it to their car or taxi.

Delivering Food for Residents and Guests

Generally, luxury hotels tend to go above and beyond to ensure each guest has an unforgettable experience staying at their establishment. One way that hotels often achieve this is by having guests have the option of someone delivering food to their rooms. In addition, guests may ask the doorman to bring their meals and take their trays away.

Receiving and Holding Packages

A doorman’s responsibilities also include receiving, holding, and sometimes even sending packages. A doorman will accept packages delivered to the guest and ensure they are safe until picked up. Depending on the building, they may even deliver the package to the resident or guest’s room.

In some instances, an individual may request that the doorman sends a package. In this situation, the person would pay the doorman the proper amount for packaging and any other fees.

Managing Crowd Control

If there is a doorman at a nightclub or bar, they typically are in charge of keeping the place secure and managing the number of customers allowed to enter. In addition, they monitor how guests behave and will escort any disruptive customers. A doorman may also be in charge of ensuring everyone leaves at the end of the night.

A doorman’s duties may also include ensuring that everyone who enters the building is allowed to be there. They can also help break up any fights while remaining professional.

Taking Care of Unexpected Issues and Run Errands

A doorman is typically someone who handles more than just your typical doorman tasks. They often provide services that might not be in their job description. For example, guests may ask them to pick up items from a store or ask for recommendations on restaurants or things to do in the area.

A doorman may also provide directions, call cabs, and handle unforeseen problems. Whether they have to contact the police or notify the manager of a guest having medical issues, a doorman’s duties cover various knowledge and responsibilities.

Doormen also aid in keeping the entrance of the building clear from snow or ice or even monitor security cameras for any suspicious activity.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Doorman for Your Business and Family?

Having a doorman for your business and family has many benefits. They offer an invaluable experience to your guests and aid in creating a pleasant experience. They are the first person that customers and guests see. This interaction means they have the power to create a friendly and accommodating environment.

A doorman’s responsibilities help create an environment that is professional and safe. In addition, they provide additional security that helps manage unforeseen issues and provide your guests with better service. Whether they are escorting disorderly patrons from the building, keeping an eye on monitors, or acting as doorman security, having a doorman is a worthy investment for your business.

How Much Does a Doorman Cost?

The price of a doorman varies depending on the state. It also depends on whether they are part of a union or non-union. Union doorman jobs have set insurance, retirement, and other benefits. They also have a predetermined set of pay.

Non-union doormen receive an hourly wage and accept tips as part of their income. The individual who hires the doorman sets their hourly wage in this situation.

While it may be surprising to some, doorman responsibilities do not just end at the opening and closing of the door for guests. They are critical employees to the safety and overall experience of a hotel, office, club, or bar. They provide many benefits that help guests and residents feel more secure and cared for during their stay on the property.

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