Top Benefits of Alarm Installation

A person’s home should be their sanctuary—a place where they can have peace of mind and be sure that their loved ones are safe. Safeguarding your home should be your top priority to ensure that your loved ones and valuables are safe from intruders.

These days, an alarm monitoring system is a must-have in every home. There are tons of different home and business alarm systems available to fit any need and budget. Whether you need a wired CCTV system that allows you to have secure feeds or a wireless alarm system that you can control with your smartphone, there is an alarm system for everyone.

You should also consider installing an alarm system at your place of business to ensure employee safety, guard your assets, and protect your property.

Top Six Benefits of Alarm Monitoring System Installation

Here are the top six benefits that you can enjoy when you install an alarm monitoring system in your home or business:

1. Protect Your Home Against Burglary and Theft

 Numerous studies show that installing an alarm system on your property can reduce the risk of burglary and theft by as much as 60%!

Thieves don’t want to risk getting caught by the police if the alarm system goes off. An alarm system can even notify you if it detects suspicious activity around your home, like a stranger loitering on your property. This allows you to prepare your home’s security better if someone plans to burglarize your home.

Many security experts advise against advertising the exact type of alarm system that you install in your home. While it may sound beneficial to let potential burglars know that your home is protected by a particular alarm system, advertising a brand or company may be detrimental. It can give thieves and burglars an idea of how to circumvent your security system!

The best thing to do is to put a few cameras in visible areas (i.e., besides your front door or above your garage door), but don’t advertise which system you are using.

2. Warning System for Dangers in Your Home

There are many dangers inside your home that an alarm system can warn you about, such as fires, gas leaks, or carbon monoxide buildup. Many alarm systems have external sensors that can detect dangerous levels of gas or smoke inside your home. If you are asleep, an alarm system can save your life!

You can also program most alarm systems to alert emergency services. Once the alarm sounds, you won’t have to worry about calling for help; the alarm system will do it for you. Instead, you can focus on getting yourself and your loved ones free from the danger zone.

3. Peace of Mind — Wherever You Are

 Any homeowner knows that it’s normal to worry about their home when away. After all, an accident can happen at any time.

If you aren’t at home, you won’t be able to do anything if an electrical fire suddenly starts. Additionally, if a burglar is planning to steal from you, chances are they will wait until you aren’t at home.

A home alarm system can give you peace of mind. If anything dangerous happens while you are away, you will receive a notification on your smart device. You can either go home to take care of the problem or call emergency services.

An alarm system can be especially beneficial if you have children or pets. You can check on your kids or pets anytime to ensure that they are safe.

An alarm system is also highly beneficial if you have sick or elderly family members. If there is a medical emergency, an alarm system can quickly send a notification for emergency services to assist

4. Control Your Home’s Security Anywhere

One of the most crucial benefits of having a wireless alarm system on your property is that you can control the level of security no matter where you are. If you receive a notification of suspicious activity, you can immediately check video feeds and see if there is a threat.

You can also adjust the security to match your needs. For example, if you have a pet inside your home, you might receive false alarms due to their movement. You can lower the sensitivity level of security cameras inside your home to prevent false alarms.

For external cameras, however, you can keep them at maximum sensitivity to notify you of suspicious activity nearby.

5. Lower Insurance Costs

Homeowner’s insurance can be expensive, but you can cut down on costs by installing an alarm system in your home.

Many insurance companies give lower coverage rates for homes with alarm systems because they know that they are well-protected. In some cases, you can get as much as 20% off your insurance premiums. You can also lower renters’ insurance by installing an alarm system.

 If you want to lower your insurance costs, check with your insurance provider to see which alarm systems qualify for the discount. Some insurance providers prefer a wired CCTV system because they are more difficult to hack.

6. Wide Range of Choices

 With so many available alarm systems on the market, it is easy to find one that will best suit your needs. Home alarm systems are affordable, easy to install, and simple to operate. Generally, you can set up a complete home alarm system in less than an hour.

On the other hand, business alarm systems can be more expensive and complicated to install. However, they often come with wider video and audio coverage as well as features such as secure data storage.

Protect Your Property the Way It Deserves with a High-End Alarm System

Investing in an alarm system is a smart move. You can increase the security of your home or business, no matter where you are. Anyone who invests in an alarm system will tell you that the peace of mind you will get is priceless.

If you’re looking to install an alarm system, Stark Security Inc. is here to help. We are happy to assist you with finding the best alarm system. Call us today at 1-877-707-8275 to learn more about our services.

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