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Your life and safety is the most valuable thing you have. When it comes to personal protection in Chicago, you need the very best in armed security.

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Benefits of Personal/Executive Security Services

Why would you need private security in Chicago? The world is not the safe place we would like to believe that it is. Whether you’re a prominent businessman, movie star, or political figure, there are a number of situations that may lead you to need personal or executive protection. Take a look at some of the benefits of our services here.

Protective Intelligence

Security personnel can’t just be reactive. If they’re reacting, it’s already too late. That’s why all our personnel is trained in protective intelligence. More than just an armed presence, they are constantly watching for and identifying, assessing, and mitigating threats — before they pose a danger.

This begins before you even arrive at an event or location. Our team will have already done their research and prepared a security plan, including emergency escape routes and backup strategies in case anything goes wrong.

Surveillance Recognition

Our security team consists of more than the personal protection presence that stays with you, they’re supported by our 24-hour support center. These highly-trained professionals provide constant surveillance and monitor all field operations. If the boots on the ground have a question about a possible threat, the support center will have an answer for them in seconds.

Threat Management

It is equally important to identify and manage physical threats or risks. Our personnel is highly-trained in effective methods of threat management to keep your person and your assets safe from harm.

Counter Surveillance

Threats aren’t always physical and overtly obvious. Our team is constantly watching to see who might be watching you. Our counter surveillance tactics range from basic to highly sophisticated, as well as plain old human instinct honed through years of practice.

About Stark Security

Founded by professionals with over 20 years of combined law enforcement experience, we rigorously vet and train all personnel to meet our high standards. We offer the following services:

Communication Protocol

Communication is key to your security. You will be notified of any personnel changes, as well as our management team conducts regular meetings and site visits to ensure everything is up to par.

Streamlined Implementation Process

Our teams follow a rigid structure and everyone knows their job. Each member is well-versed in our protocols and when a situation needs to be escalated to executive management to handle a situation. You won’t see someone from our team wondering what they’re supposed to do, they’re already on top of it.