CCTV/Video Surveillance Security Services

Who Needs A Video Surveillance System?

Often, the use of video surveillance in a business can make the difference between earning a profit and losing money due to theft, vandalism and improper employee behavior. But it’s also a good way to keep an eye on your property, especially when no one is there. Implementing a video surveillance solution by Stark Security can help reduce false accident claims (slips/falls), employee and customer theft, as well as help manage premise liability and worker productivity. In the end, what benefits the most is the bottom line.

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If you are ready to take your home or business security system to the next level, video surveillance is the way to do it. Contact Stark Security to learn more about your video surveillance options.

Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems That Add Value, Efficiency & Control
Access control systems involve issuing a digital credential (commonly referred to as a card or FOB) to approved building occupants. When the approved users swipe their credential, they are then allowed access into the building. Those who do not carry one are unable to enter, because the door stays locked. Additionally, administrators can approve and delete users as necessary when hiring or firing takes place.

Eliminate Re-Key Costs

An access control system relieves you of the need to change locks and keys when terminations occur and restricts access to sensitive areas.

Control At Your Fingertips

No matter which areas of your building require access control, Stark Security can design a system that meets your specific requirements to increase the security climate of the property.

Global Analytics

Since every card leaves an audit trail, you can see where each employee has gone within your facility — or tried to go — and when with searchable reports.