How to Find The Best-Armed Security Guard Company for Your Needs

Finding the best-armed security guard company takes time and effort. You’ll get many results when searching “armed security guard company near me.” However, you should always avoid picking the first service you come across, especially for such a crucial concern. 

It’s crucial to investigate any armed security guard company that you hire. Security guard companies perform many functions, and you want the team that makes the most sense for your specific needs. 

Additionally, companies can vary in their experience, how they train their guards, and the quality of their services. Therefore, you should consider several factors carefully before making your decision. This blog will offer some advice on how to conduct this process. 

Start by Understanding Your Specific Needs

Your first step is to evaluate your specific security needs. For example, some businesses may require armed security guards on their premises 24/7. Other companies may require unarmed guards to patrol a parking lot or the front of a business. 

You’ll need security guards with better training and qualifications if you have more extensive security needs. These additional requirements will impact your total costs. 

However, you can opt for lower-level services if you don’t need a vast security guard presence. Be sure to write out your needs as detailed as you can. Doing so will help you know what to ask when interviewing potential security guard companies. 

Consider Needs Beyond Security 

While a security guard’s primary role is usually keeping unauthorized visitors from entering a building, they can sometimes fulfill other purposes. 

For example, many schools are recruiting top security guard companies to keep their buildings and students safe. Many schools prefer hiring security guards that have experience working with children and specific qualifications like being able to perform CPR. 

Security guards can also provide mediation services, sometimes necessary at events. Events like weddings and parties can quickly turn ugly when emotions run high and alcohol is involved. 

Security guards can handle someone who’s had one too many drinks, a group of rowdy teenagers, or any other issues that may arise. Ideally, a security team’s role is to de-escalate a situation before it becomes a problem.

Remember to consider the right kind of experience alongside how many years a security firm has been offering its services. For example, a wedding may not call for the same security strategies as a retail store worrying about being robbed. Find a team that is familiar with your situation and those involved.

Evaluate Their Guard Training 

Top security guard companies generally provide ongoing training for their guards. These updates allow guards to further their knowledge, sharpen their skills, and gain practical experience. It would help if you also asked about training specific to any guards. 

For example, we hire many retired and off-duty police officers or security guards with military backgrounds at Stark Security. 

Verify Any Licensing and Accreditation

Before hiring any guards or security firms, check their licensing and certification. The best-armed security guard company will have the necessary licensing and accreditation authorized by the state in which they operate. 

You can also check the licensing and accreditations of any individual security guards. Evaluate any extra certifications they carry too. 

Review a Security Guard Company’s Work History 

The best security guard company won’t be shy about highlighting its history and reputation. Carefully evaluate a company’s track record of success. 

While reading reviews online and from satisfied clients is a start, you can also find data from your local law enforcement. When reviewing a company’s work history, check if they have previously worked with similar clients. 

Environment-specific experience is critical; different environments call for different security needs. Each space contains its own risks and security requirements, so the company you hire should know how to navigate yours. 

If you’re unsure if a potential security guard company has serviced clients similar to you, you can always ask. 

What Are Some Qualities a Security Guard Should Possess? 

Depending upon your specific needs, you may only need a couple of security guards or an entire team. Regardless there are some universal qualities that all security guards should possess: 

Physical Fitness

Being a security guard is a physically demanding job; a guard may need to stay up all night, patrol a vast area, or even confront a thief or other parties. 

Ideally, the presence of a security guard will be enough to deter issues like fights or a break-in. However, if these issues do happen, a security guard will require great reflexes and quick reaction times. 

The right security guard will watch what they eat, exercise regularly, and avoid bad habits like chain smoking. 

Great Observation Skills 

A good security guard will spring into action when a threat happens. A great security guard, however, will use their observation skills to identify a potential threat before it happens. 

They can notice certain irregularities or suspicious behavior and take action before a problem escalates. For example, they might catch a potential thief casing a store for robbery. By alerting the authorities, they can prevent theft in the first place. 

When it comes to events, a security guard can take notice of any trouble starting to brew. Examples might include two people arguing, someone having too many drinks and engaging in rowdy behavior, etc. 

Reliability and Honesty 

The best security service employs guards you can trust. Security guards often work without much monitoring from their employers. Additionally, security guards usually protect items of high value or protect groups of people. 

These two qualities can be hard to spot until a security guard has spent time on the job. However, thorough interviews and background checks before hiring the best-armed security guard company can help you evaluate these criteria. 

Ability to Lead and Follow 

Knowing how to lead and follow is another crucial skill any security guard should possess. Security guards often need to work within a group, and not knowing how to assume leadership or follow orders can quickly cause conflict. 

This quality is essential when managing crowds through emergencies like a fire or an active shooter. 

Excellent Communication 

While we often picture security guards speaking very few words, the truth is that communication is an essential part of a security guard’s job. 

A security guard is often the first person someone sees when entering a store or event. As a result, it’s not uncommon for security guards to field basic customer service questions such as directions. They should have no problem communicating with the public.

Communication is also essential for de-escalating situations. For example, although security guards can use force when necessary, they prefer de-escalating through a conversation when possible. This can prevent a disturbance, saving lives and protecting a business. 

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What Questions Should You Ask a Security Guard Company? 

Some questions you should ask a security guard company and their guards include: 

What Services Do You Offer? 

Many security services exist, and some companies may specialize more in events while others only focus on protecting businesses.

Besides security guards, a company can offer services like: 

  • Personal protection: Some clients, like executives, may require personal safety, which is different from a security guard patrolling a parking lot.  
  • CCTV or video surveillance: Sometimes, having comprehensive CCTV or video surveillance is a better alternative to hiring security guards. Some businesses benefit from having both. 
  • Alarm systems installation: An alarm system can help prevent and resolve residential or commercial burglaries. 

What Are Your Specific Protocols When an Emergency or Situation Happens? 

Whether it’s a burglary, an assault, people fighting, or a fire, an emergency shows how security guard companies work under pressure. The right company should prioritize the safety of anyone present and valuable assets. 

They should also have guidelines for managing crowds when an emergency occurs. 

What Are Your Pricing Options?

You’ll want to know the costs upfront and how you can pay beforehand. Most companies use specific pricing ranges, but some events or businesses may require specialized pricing for their unique needs. 

What Is the Most Difficult Situation You’ve Faced?

Ideally, a security guard will never have to use force. Unfortunately, security guards can face dangers like shooter or hostage situations. Ask any potential security guard company about their most challenging situation and how they handled it. 

Do You Have a Good Relationship With Local Law Enforcement? 

Security guards sometimes need to call law enforcement to report a crime or request help. Therefore, you’ll want to hire a security guard company that has built great trust with any local law enforcement. 

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