5 Retail Store Security Tips: Optimizing Safety and Minimizing Loss

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  • Safety and security should be a significant consideration in every aspect of store operations, from store design and layout to employee training
  • Clear policies and emergency procedures are critical to preventing security incidents
  • Technology is an essential element of a robust retail store security program

As a retail store owner, you want to create a pleasant shopping experience for every customer who walks through your doors. Unfortunately, not everyone who enters your establishment has good intentions, and without a robust approach to security, you could become the victim of shoplifters — or worse. 

It is your responsibility to be aware of threats and take action to protect your employees, customers, and inventory against bad actors. Whether you contract a retail security services company to protect your business or not, the following retail security tips from a top security company in Chicago can help keep your store safe and reduce the potential for loss.

The Best Retail Security Tips to Protect Your Business 

Retail store security services experts recommend a multi-pronged approach to protecting your business. Implementing technological solutions, having trained security personnel, and providing employee education and training can prevent many of the most common crimes. 

1. Design a Security-Focused Layout 

Preventing theft and other crimes in retail locations means considering security risks from the start and designing a floor plan that maximizes visibility. Your employees should be able to see customers at all times, which can help them improve service and prevent theft. Other critical layout considerations include:

  • Not placing small or valuable merchandise close to the exit, where shoplifters can easily escape with it 
  • Avoiding displays that are too tall or crowded 
  • Spreading merchandise around the store so you can better see what people are doing
  • Using an access control system to restrict access to storage areas or the back room to authorized personnel 

The better your employees can see what’s happening around the store, the less likely a thief will attempt to shoplift.

2. Implement Employee Training 

While your employees should always leave the apprehension of suspected shoplifters to security personnel or the retail security services provider, they need training to identify a suspected shoplifter or other security issue and notify the right people. Remind them that their safety is your top priority, and provide code words or other signals that they can use to communicate a problem. 

3. Maintain Surveillance Systems 

Surveillance systems not only deter potential criminals, but they also provide valuable evidence if you need to file charges. You must keep your equipment, including CCTVs, alarms, and other security devices, in good condition to ensure they work when needed. For example, if a CCTV camera isn’t focused on the right spot or the lighting is poor, it won’t provide much information. 


4. Invest in Anti-Theft Devices 

Anti-theft devices are another powerful theft deterrent. Many devices, like clothing tags or security boxes, are inexpensive and reusable and can alert you to a security issue immediately when a shoplifter walks through the security gantries at the front of the store. Even if a thief manages to leave the store with stolen merchandise, anti-theft devices can often prevent them from using or reselling it.

5. Develop Safety-Focused Closing Procedures 

Professional retail security services note that closing time is often the most dangerous time for retail stores, as your employees are busy with closing procedures. Criminals expect your employees to be moving cash around the store (or taking it with them to make a bank deposit) and that they are likely to be distracted while they close up.

Implementing safety and security-focused closing procedures and having security personnel on-site during and after closing can help ensure safety and prevent theft and other issues. For example, security guards can help deter vandals, burglars, and other bad actors by being present.

Turn to the Top Security Company in Chicago About Loss Prevention Solutions 

Retail store owners have a lot on their plates, but the safety and security of their businesses are priorities. A well-thought-out and robust approach to security ensures a welcoming environment for shoppers without the devastating losses that being the victim of a crime can cause. 

Stark Security Inc. makes it easy for retail stores of all sizes to access the retail security services they need, from the best CCTV surveillance and alarm systems to trained security personnel on-site to protect their stores. Every store is different, so we tailor a security plan and approach to meet your needs and provide peace of mind. 

Call 773-455-1220 to request a consultation and learn more about improving the security of your retail shop from the experts at Stark Security Inc. in Chicago, IL.

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